People should know what is an environment?

Do you know who knows about an environment a lot? If you ask anyone these questions, then you will get an answer mostly the same. The answers are graduate students in their respective departments. What is the respective department? Respective departments belong to some departments. Here, we talk about the environment, right? So bachelor of environmental science, master degree of environment and there are more some. Yes, these are all the respective departments for environmental studies. I am sure they these peoples know about environmental but I am not sure mostly many peoples in this category understand the environment properly. First of all, what is the environment? The environment is nothing it is nature. Then what is nature? Nature belongs to us, nature is surrounding us, everything we have in the world, or we owned by nature. Yes, we saw the water, right? This is nature. We saw air no literally we can’t see air but feel the air. This is also nature. Everything surrounds us is nature. They help us to lead this life. Could you live without water and air? No, it is not possible. Yes, I agree that we are living in the digital era or modern era whatever you think. We are witnessing the revolution of computers and revolutions of artificial intelligence and we are also witnessing the space travels too. But in this modern era, could you give me a guarantee that we can find replace for water, air or nature? No one cant, right? Even Albert Einstein and Newton also won’t give these promises if they are life. So, nature is irreplaceable. 

What stage is our understanding of nature?

I already stat that environment peoples know about nature but not understand nature. For example, I knew about nature and the environment through my science teacher. She gives me a lot of thinking about nature. She told me about the importance of nature and trees. So, I admired her. But one day I was shocked at what I saw. She cut the trees at the very moment she took the class about the trees. Yes, she knows about the importance of trees but why she cut the trees? Even she doesn’t know the answers. On the other hand, even nature NGO peoples are also using the plastics. I don’t know how to define these.

Some examples of our understanding:

  • In last December, everyone knows the two major pandemic starts in the world. The first one is the Australian bush fire. Yes, this bush fire destroys the number of lives. Lives mean not only human lives. This earth not only belongs to humans only and this earth belongs to many species. We have to keep the neutralize. But we didn’t so we face this tragedy. We are witnessing the Amazon bush fire too. Do you know that the Amazon forest makes around thirty percent of oxygen for the world?
  • The second one is we are all facing dangerous pandemic even nowadays. The answer is the corona virus or COVID 19. Do you know what the reason is? We have to follow the natural order and we have to respect nature and follow then food chains. If we didn’t, then it will be the result.
  • Nowadays, I am mostly admiring Greta Thunberg. Hope, she will do her duty continuously. Respect nature and save lives.   
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