What is the environment?

I knew a boy very long-time. He is my friend. After high school, he wants to study the environment I meant he wants to complete a bachelor of environmental science. I was shocked. Because he was always tortured a nature at every time. I mean his family was first used plastic in a town after the government banned plastic. This was a proud moment for his family and him. But this is the same, right? Not only plastics, cut trees, firing at waste, leave waste at the road and other some worst activities belong to him. According to my sense, this is a crime. Yes, it is more than murder. So, only I was shocked after hearing his decision. But, I asked a simple question that is what an environment is? But struggling and can I ask you something? Do you want to study for a bachelor’s degree in the environment? First of all, before you want to study a graduate degree in the environment, you want to know what the environment is? And you have to understand the environment better. This is the qualification for B.sc (environment). Yes, what is the use of studying graduate degrees about the environment without knowing what an environment is, right? Every person knows the answer or in other words, every person can feel the answer. The answer is lies within your sight. The answer is very simple and you can tell the answer in simple words. The answer is nature.

Did you understand nature properly?

If you ask this anyone, then answer is yes I know. But my answer is no, not everyone. Yes, if we know or understand nature properly, then we won’t face these pandemics and this crisis. Do you know what the reason behind this is? The answers are the lack of awareness and the amount of ignorance. Yes, many people don’t know about why the government banned plastics, and what are the problems because of plastics? These are the lack of awareness. And many people know about that why are the government banned the plastics? And what are the effects created because of the plastics? But they won’t take this and using the plastics continuously. Yes, this is an amount of ignorance.

A perfect example of a lack of awareness:

If you are asking questions like where the lack of awareness takes place, then everyone will point the villages, right? Even I am also pointing the villages. Because they are lack of Medias and they are distanced so lack of awareness takes place. For example, what is the root cause of rain? The answer is trees, right? But do you that what are some villages doing for rain? We barely heard about successful inter-caste marriage but did you hear about interspecies marriage? Yes, they did. Sometimes, they force a man to marry a donkey for rain. Yes, this is bullshit and illiterate, right? But they are lack of awareness of trees makes rain.

A perfect example of the amount of ignorance:

There are types of peoples in the world. Yes, they are over intellect. They know everything but they won’t follow anything. These are two reasons we are all facing the pandemic and crisis nowadays. So, understand and explore nature.

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