Environmental factors as the influences of the living organism

Any of the factors that influence the living organism is known to be the environmental factor that is likely known to be abiotic or biotic. An organism that lives in the ambient temperature, pH of water in the soil, and then the amount of sunlight is known to be the abiotic factors. The availability of the food organism, then the presence of the biological specificity, parasites, predators, and competitors that are known to be biotic factors. For understanding the human relationship, perceptions, policies towards the environment that is the incorporation of the environmental studies more of the social sciences. The study’s bachelor of environmental science is known to be the undergraduate bachelor’s degree which compromises the study about the environment and then the other factors that involve the relationship between the human and the other organisms. That helps with the sustainability of resource development and environmental health.

Overview of the environmental factor:

During the ontogeny of an organism, the genotype of an organism has been translated through the development of organisms into the adult phenotype. Those factors are influenced to be subjected by many of the environmental factors. Thus through the context that looks over a phenotype that can be known to be the definable and measurable characteristic of the organism likely known to be the skin color or the body mass. The environmental factors may help to know about the disease or to determine the development of the disease rather than the true monogenic genetic disorder that was pre genetically disposed to a particular condition. Almost in the personal care products, then the house cleaners can determine with the stress, physical and mental abuse, diet, radiation, exposure to toxins, pathogens can be found. Because those are all known to be the common environmental factors that help to determine the non-hereditary disease in large segments. As a result of the combination of genetic and environmental factors that is resulted in the process of the conclusion of the disease. As having a multifactorial pattern it is known to be the etiological origin that can be referred with. Often the cancer is the factor which is related frequently with the environmental factors. According to the researchers, to reduce the development of the disease then one should maintain a healthy weight, minimizing alcohol, eating a healthy diet, and reduction of smoking should be compulsory to avoid those things.

Measurement to the environmental crisis:

Throughout the environment proper measurements to be taken for the reduction of the diseases. According to the measures, ten to thirty percent of the disease incidents appear for the complex disorder of the specific genetic factor. To measure the influences of the environmental exposures, there is no standard and systematic ways that can be found for the measurement of the crisis. In the incident of diabetes, some of them have involved in the study to find the cause of the disease. There is interaction is caused between the environmental and then the genetic factors for finding the reason for the cause of diabetes disease. That has been demonstrated by the environment wide association studies that may be possible in the incidence of diabetes.        

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